Printable Holograms for Data Storage

We develop surface and volume holograms that can be printed anywhere to store information, which allows personalized security, sensing and optical devices. We create 2D and 3D holograms made out of printed ink, carbon nanotubes, graphene via nanosecond pulsed laser patterning and nanofabrication. The printable holograms can be formed on a variety of surfaces, including transparent and opaque materials. This approach allows printing personalized holograms at low-cost. The printable holograms display visible-light Bragg diffraction and monochromatic color corresponding to angle of view, and they diffract light in the entire visible spectrum. Surface holograms can be read and viewed under normal ambient light conditions or through the use of smartphones and other mobile devices. These surface holograms can be printed on a variety of material surfaces to produce holographic QR codes, logos, barcodes, personalized signatures and 3D images. For example, holographic QR codes can be used to identify counterfeit medicine, pharmaceuticals, biologics and other high-value products. The printable holograms represent a simple technology for the personalized printed of custom holograms and signatures in a scalable and facile way. We are now developing a prototype test suitable for a security feature on the packages of pharmaceuticals and biologics, including blister packs and vials. Security tests and integration with smartphones and other mobile devices algorithms are also in progress. We envision that this technology can be integrated in desktop printers for easy-to-fabricate holograms for applications in data storage and optical displays.

Printable Holograms


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