Nature Magazine

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Harvard Gazette

Feeling woozy? Time to check the tattoo link

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Bioart: An introduction link

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Paper Diagnostic Tests Could Save Thousands of Lives link

Holographic Sensing

Wired Magazine: Low-cost 'smart' holograms can monitor diabetes, Gizmag: Smart holograms can test for and monitor diseases, Chemistry World: Cheap and colourful holographic sensors, El Pais: El futuro es holográfico, Extremetech: A new hydrogel uses holograms to warn you about your health, Science 2.0: Holographic Diagnostics, Med device: Holographic DiagnosticsFuturistech:  Color changing holograms developed for portable medical tests from infections to diabetes, Co.exist: Colorful Nanotechnology Holograms Make Cheap Medical Testing In The Field, Impresive Magazine: Smart Holograms Monitor Health Conditions, University of Cambridge Research: Holographic Diagnostics, Business Weekly: 10p medtech sensor could lead to smartphone test, The Economic Times:Smart holograms that detect and monitor diseases developed, News Medical: 'Smart' holograms could be used to monitor diabetes, cardiac function, infections, Electronics Weekly: Cambridge uses holograms on your smartphone to monitor diabetes, Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology news, Cambridge Enterprise: Holographic Diagnostics, ScienceDaily: Holographic Diagnostics in Medicine, PhysOrg: Holographic diagnostics, World Health: Holograms for Health, Liberty: Color-changing holograms may be used to monitor glucose levels, UPI: Colorful, smart holograms could be used to monitor health conditions, my science: Holographic Diagnostics, Medilink UK: Smart Holograms can Test for and Monitor Diseases, body1: Diseases Diagnosed by 'Smart' Holograms, eurekalert: Holographic diagnostics, Cambridge Network: Researchers develop holographic diagnostics, Product Design and Development: Responsive Holograms Change Color, Laboratory Equipment: Holograms Can Monitor Disease, tcetoday: Holographic sensors change colour, Holographic diagnostics, e! Science News: Holographic Diagnostics, Hispanic Business: Holographic diagnostics, Medical Design Technology: Holographic Diagnostics, Azonano: Responsive Holograms, My Biologica: Holographic diagnostics in medicine, Health Medicine Network: Holographic diagnostics, iMedicalApps: Researchers starting clinical trials of low cost holographic test that monitors diabetes, The Watchers: Researchers develop holograms that change colour, diabetes1: Diabetes Diagnosis by 'Smart' Holograms, CEB: Responsive holograms act as sensors for medical diagnostic applications

Diabetes Screening

Chemical & Engineering News: Low-cost, Reusable Glucose Sensor, Varsity: Nanotechnology tackles developing world diabetes, Controlled Environments Magazine,, Cambridge University News: Nanotechnology takes on diabetes, Cambridge Network, HealthTech Event: Low-cost, Reusable Glucose Sensor, Cambridge Africa, Laboratory Equipment: Nanotech Screens for Diabetes, Bioscience technology, Headlines & Global News: U.K. Researchers Use Nanotechnology to Combat Diabetes, Nano Werk, Mumbai Mirror,, Diabetes News, Bio Portfolio, Nano Magazine, Bangalore Mirror, Nanocomputer: 20 Pence Reusable Sensor To Detect Diabetes, Public Health at Cambridge, Device Space, myScience, Hispanic Business, Today's Medical Developments, Med Device Design Newsroom, Bioethics, Diabetes Forum: Researchers develop low-cost nanotechnology sensor for diabetes screening, TG Techno, Investor Intel, Biospace, Brunch News, Today's Medical Developments

Mobile Medical Applications

The Daily Beast: New Camera-Centric Smartphone App Puts Healthcare in Your Pocket, Yahoo news: Diagnostics On the Go, The Times of India: Cambridge University scientists develop diagnostic app, University of Cambridge Research News: Pocket diagnosis, Smartphone app to change the status quo in point-of-care diagnostics, Business Standard: Now, app that turns smartphone into portable medical diagnostic device, Pocket Diagnosis, my Science: Pocket Diagnosis, Colorimetrix test reader, USANews: Pocket Diagnosis, Medical Daily: ‘Mobile Healthcare’ Can Help Stop Spread Of Pandemics: New Phone App, ‘Colorimetrix,’ To Monitor Diabetes And Kidney Disease, Science Daily: Pocket diagnosis: App turns any smartphone into a portable medical diagnostic device, R&D Magazine: New app delivers pocket diagnosis, Public Health at Cambridge: Smartphone diagnostics, Qmed: Colorimetrix App Turns Smartphones into Lab Test Readers, Cambridge Network: New app enables pocket diagnosis, Wireless Design Magazine: Pocket Diagnosis, Hindustan Times, ANI News, Z News, ECN Magazine: Pocket Diagnosis, Fast Company: This App Turns Your Smartphone Into A Medical Diagnostic Device, Green Technology World: QMED -Colorimetrix App Turns Smartphones into Lab Test Readers, Fierce Mobile Healthcare: Smartphone app aims for faster, more accurate, body fluid testing, Tree Hugger: New app turns smartphone into portable medical diagnosis device, Lab Manager: Pocket Diagnosis, Ghana Health Nest: This new app turns any smartphone into a portable diagnostic device, Hispanic Business: Now, app that turns smartphone into portable medical diagnostic device, Science and Enterprise: Smartphone App for Point-of-Care Diagnostics in Development, Innovation Toronto: App turns a smartphone into a portable medical diagnostic device, Hispanic Business: Colorimetrix App Turns Smartphones into Lab Test Readers, Fierce Diagnostics: Mobile app could offer inexpensive Dx in developing world, Medical News Today: New app turns any smartphone into a portable medical diagnostic device, Press News: Pocket Diagnosis, Bio-Medicine: Pocket Diagnosis, The Outbreak: Colorimetrix: New App provides Pocket diagnosis, Eurekalert!: Pocket Diagnosis, Science Codex: Pocket diagnosis, Global Biodefence: Cambridge Researchers Develop Pocket Diagnosis App, TMC News: University of Cambridge - Pocket diagnosis, The Siasat Daily: Now, app that turns smartphone into portable medical diagnostic device, Smashits, Kurzweil: Fabrication of pH-Sensitive Holograms, Thisisreallyinteresting: Pocket Diagnosis, NDTV: Colorimetrix smartphone app to help diagnose diseases, The Health Site: Now a smartphone app which can diagnose diseases!, Business Standard: New smartphone app to diagnose diseases, TechMagnifier: Colorimetrix app for Smartphone reads Colorimetric Test Strips Accurately, Art of Healthy Living: Colorimetrix - the smartphone app for disease diagnosis, CSR Journal: New app turns smartphone into portable medical diagnosis device, Post: New smartphone app to diagnose diseases including HIV, Deccan Herald: New smartphone app to diagnose diseases, Electronics Bulletin: Pocket Diagnosis, medGadget: New App from University of Cambridge Accurately Reads Colorimetric Test Strips, Tech and Gadget News: Android Beta App ‘Colorimetrix’ May be the First Medical Tricorder, Wireless Design Magazine: New App Provides Pocket Medical Diagnosis, Lab Manager: Pocket Diagnosis, Clinical Innovation and Technology: New app aims to simplify colorimetric tests, The New Zealand Herald: Stickly Colour, Internet Medicine: A DIY medical diagnosis app, SnapMD: Test for Kidney Disease On Your Smart-Phone, Idea Connection: Smartphone App Reads Colorimetric Test Strips


Printable Devices: Holograms, Graphene, Lenses

Printable holograms offer security and data storage solutions link, Optik & Photonik: Hologramme aus gedruckter Tinte link, Phys.Org: Printable holograms could make holograms more widespread link, ACS Chemical & Engineering News: Lightweight, Tunable Lenses Made From Graphene link, TechRadar: Laser-printed holograms could enable 'smart windows' link, Holographic lens printing method could allow printing of telescope lenses in space link


New sensing platform enables novel point-of-care diagnostics link

Paper-based Microfluidics

Paper-based microfluidic point-of-care diagnostic devices link

Patent Protection and Licensing in Microfluidics

GenomeWeb: Q&A: University of Cambridge Researchers on a Roadmap for Patenting Microfluidic Devices link

The Regulations of Mobile Medical Applications

The GP of the future: mobile medical applications link


Elsevier: Creating art with genes and bacteria, EurekAlert! Science News: Bioart: An introductionScienceDaily: BioartGrist: Bioart, NdTv: Artwork Made of Live Bacteria, Genes