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Mobile Medical Application

The high mobile phone penetration and rapidly growing telecommunications infrastructure in the world represents an unprecedented opportunity for reading and transferring point-of-care diagnostic data. Global mobile-cellular subscriptions have grown 70% over the last 5 years, reaching 7 billion as of 2014. Hence, exploiting the existing mobile phone infrastructure to monitor health conditions and the environment will accelerate the efforts toward connected and readily available diagnostics, as well as low-cost healthcare for existing and emerging diseases.

Our research involves development and testing of smartphone apps that allow quantification of colorimetric tests at both Android and iOS operating systems. The app transforms the smartphone into a reader to quantify commercial colorimetric tests with high accuracy and reproducibility in measuring pH, protein, and glucose. Our further efforts in this area include research in the regulations of mobile medical applications. These studies evaluate the impact on academia, industry and other key stakeholders, such as patients and clinicians.


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