Working Projects

My working projects ask questions in three broad areas: 

  1. Digital Platforms 
    • How do digital platforms create social value in developing countries? Currently working on projects where we collaborate with FinTech, HealthTech and AgriTech companies in Africa as part of the Tech4All Lab (with Rowan Clarke, Rem Koning and Tarun Khanna) 
    • What shape the level of trust on platforms? (with Mike Luca)     
  2. Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Emerging Markets 
    • What are unique frictions faced by innovative, entrepreneural firms in uncertain/weak institutional environments? 
    • Does founder credential play a role in explaining startup performance in emerging markets? (with Trang Nguyen) 
  3. Knowledge Diffusion
    • Why are good research by emerging market scientists less cited globally? (with Kyle Schirmann and Rem Koning)