I live a colourful life that allows me to seek the broadest perspective possible. I criticise Western conservatives as well as liberals. I criticise the Chinese government, the US government, Nordic governments, etc. You get the point. I experience. I trust my logic. I look for a balance. I do not have a [Country]-centred view, and I do not stick to any one "standard" ideology of today's world.

TRAVELLING, LANGUAGES, and CULTURES are some of my most serious hobbies. My physical and consequent inner journeys have empowered me for over a decade. I have been to 71 countries, mostly on my own, and I currently live in Sweden. Before that, I have lived in:

  •  China [1990-2003]: I was born in Shanghai, went to primary school there, and worked at Radio Shanghai;
  •  Australia (my country of citizenship) [2003-08,10,12]: I went to high school and did most of my bachelor's in Sydney;
  •  Italy [2009]: I studied Italian in Bologna, lived in Pordenone, and was accepted in the violinmaking school in Cremona;
  •  Switzerland [2012]: I interned at CERN, Geneva;
  •  Netherlands [2013]: I did an exchange in Utrecht;
  •  UK [2013-2014]: I did my master's in Cambridge.
  •  USA [2011, 2014-2019]: I did an exchange in Seattle and earned my PhD in Boston;

I must also mention Japan for the culture had shaped me; I'd spent two teenage years speaking, listening, reading, and writing Japanese more than any other languages. And I must mention Pakistan because of my second family. :)

Besides English, I know Mandarin/Shanghainese, Japanese, Italian, and Swedish very well, and Urdu/Hindi and Spanish at the conversational level. I’ve been a multilingual translator for fifteen years, from TED talks to movies, TV shows, anime, manga, and games. I believe that often it's only when you talk to someone in their native language that you talk to their heart.

I volunteer at both where I live and places I visit. I travel frugally, WorkAway being my good friend. A local once told me, "You're our telescope for seeing the world," and I realised then taking such a role was important to me. Most problems in today's world originate from our inability to understand each other. The best we can do is to take in as many views as possible. Travelling is one of the most rewarding options.

(I studied science for the same reason: In a general setting, only information presented in a "humanly way" is accessible. Laws of nature don't care about people's judgements.)

Cambridge, UK (my math class)

Nairobi, Kenya (my Tulia girls)

Doburji, Pakistan (my family, literally)

Escuela Katitawa, Salasaka, Ecuador