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Assessment in Health Professions Education (2nd Edition)


Book Description

Assessment in Health Professions Education, second edition, provides a comprehensive guide for educators in the health professions—medicine, dentistry, nursing, pharmacy, and allied health fields. This second edition has been extensively revised and updated by leaders in the field. Part I of the book presents an introduction to assessment fundamentals and their theoretical underpinnings from the perspective of the health professions. Part II covers specific assessment methods, with a focus on validity, best practices, challenges, and practical guidelines for the effective implementation of successful assessment programs. Part III addresses special topics and recent innovative approaches, including narrative assessment, situational judgment tests, programmatic assessment, mastery learning settings, and the key features approach. This accessible text addresses the essential concepts for the health professions educator and provides the background needed to understand, interpret, develop, and effectively implement assessment methods.



"Ensuring health professionals are competent is crucial. The second edition of this publication is a timely, authoritative reference work that belongs on the bookshelves of anyone involved in assessment."  --Trudie E. Roberts, President of the Association of Medical Education in Europe (AMEE) and Professor and Director of the Leeds Institute of Medical Education, University of Leeds, UK.

"This book serves as a foundation for assessment practice and research. The second edition is comprehensive and updates the previous edition with the most recent literature. I recommend that all of my colleagues and students in graduate programs have this revision on their bookshelves." --John J. Norcini, President and Chief Executive Officer, Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research (FAIMER)

"Assessment in Health Professions Education is a treasure of a book. Comprehensive, accessible, and wonderfully well-written, it can be used as an introductory text and as a reference work. I find it remarkable how all authors manage to make rather complex aspects seem so easy and accessible. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and am going to keep it at the most prominent place on my bookshelves." --Lambert Schuwirth, Professor of Medical Education at Flinders University, Australia

"Assessment of/for/as learning is a complex and fundamental area in health professions education, and the second edition of Assessment in Health Professions Education emerges as a great resource in the field. We have used the first edition as the main reference in our Master in Health Sciences Education program Assessment course, and we can vouch for its usefulness as a scholarly resource for students, teachers and researchers." --Melchor Sánchez, Professor of Medical Education and Coordinator of the Master in Health Sciences Education Program at National Autonomous University of Mexico, Mexico.