I am interested in using microrobots as platforms to investigate biomechanics, fluid mechanics, and other interesting physical phenomena at the millimeter scale. Leveraging on meso-scale fabrication methods, I develop microrobots and microrobotic devices that demonstrate novel functions unseen in larger, traditional robots. Below are some representative research projects that I have been working on during my graduate study and postdoctoral research.



An aerial robot powered by soft actuators

This is the first heavier-than-air aerial robot that is solely actuated by soft actuators. In addition to demonstrating controlled flight, this robot can sense and survive in-flight collisions.

soft fly

A hybrid terrestrial-aquatic microrobot

This is the first insect-scale robot capable of walking on land, moving on the surface of water, controllably sink into water, walk under the water, and eventually transition back onto land. Click on the link above for details. 

a hybrid terrestrial-aquatic microrobot

A hybrid aerial-aquatic microrobot

This is the first insect scale robot capable of flying, swimming, and impulsively taking off from water. Click on the link above for details. 


A biomimetic remora suction disk

We studied the morphology of a remora suction disk and developed a biomimetic prototype by integrating fabrication methods from 3D printing, molding, and mesoscale laser ablation. Click on the link above for details. 

remora illustration

Flapping wing aerodynamics

I conducted at-scale particle image velocimetry (PIV) experiments and constructed custom 2D and 3D fluid dynamical simulations. Click on the link above for details. 

Flapping illustration 1