Invited talks, seminars, and conferences

October 2022: Conference on State Capacity in Comparative and International Perspective, Yale University
October 2022
: Phelan US Centre, LSE
October 2022
: Government Colloquium Series, the College of William & Mary
September 2022
: Frances McCall Rosenbluth Junior Workshop, APSA Political Economy Section
July 2022
: 15th Joint Conference on Political Science and International Relations, Tsinghua University
June 2022
: Getting China Right Conference, University of Michigan
May 2022
: School of Public Administration, Jilin University
May 2022: School of Economics and Management, East China Normal University
May 2022: School of International Studies, Nanjing University
May 2022: 21st Century China Center, School of Global Policy & Strategy, UCSD
April 2022: Workshop on Historical Comparative Political Analysis/Political Economy, Duke University

April 2022: Brad Morse Speaker Series, University of Massachusetts Lowell
March 2022: the Northwestern Center of Economic History, Northwestern University
March 2022: Paris School of Economics

February 2022: the Centre for Chinese Research, University of British Columbia
February 2022: Shanghai Jiaotong University
February 2022: 
The Lieberthal and Rogel Center for Chinese Studies, University of Michigan
February 2022: Philosophy, Politics, and Economics Society, University of Oxford 


December 2021: University of Konstanz
December 2021
: The Center for Strategic and International Studies
November 2021: National University of Singapore
October 2021: Peking University, School of Government
September 2021: Korea University
September 2021: Texas A&M University
May 2021: Huazhong University of Science and Technology, School of Sociology
April 2021: New York University in Abu Dhabi, Political Science Seminar Series
April 2021: The University of Virginia, the Lansing Lee Speaker Series in Global Politics
April 2021: UCSD, China Research Workshop
March 2021: Penn State University, the Colloquium Series

March 2021: University of Southern California, the East Asian Studies Center Guest Speaker Series
February 2021: University of Southern California, Marshall China Research Group Seminar
February 2021: McGill University, Workshop on the Politics of Corruption Prosecutions
February 2021: University of Southern California, Comparative Politics Workshop
January 2021: University of Oxford, Comparative Politics Colloquium



September 2020: Yale University, MacMillan Center
September 2020: Yale University, Law, Economics, and Organization Workshop
September 2020: University of Pennsylvania Center for the Study of Contemporary China Annual Conference
August 2020: Zoom in China: A Webinar Series
July 2020: People’s University, Qing History Webinar Series
July 2020: People’s University, Conference on Comparative Historical Analysis
May 2020: Yale University, Conference on State Capacity in Comparative and International Perspective (postponed due to COVID- 19)
April 2020: Northwestern University, Conference on War and Economic History, the Northwestern Center of Economic History  (postponed due to COVID-19)
April 2020: George Mason University, Public Choice Center Seminar Series (cancelled due to COVID-19)
March 2020: The College of William & Mary, Government Colloquium Series (postponed due to COVID-19)
March 2020: Yale University, The Repression in China and the World Conference
February 2020: New York University, Quantitative China Studies Seminar


December 2019: National Research University - Higher School of Economics (Moscow), Working Group on the Future of U.S.-Russia Relations
December 2019: Duke University, Getting China Right: China in the World Conference
October 2019: University of Michigan, China Law Conference
September 2019: University of Pennsylvania, Center for the Study of Contemporary China
August 2019: Princeton University, The Paul and Marcia Wythes Center on Contemporary China, Princeton Research Network on Contemporary China
June 2019: Hertie School of Governance, Conference on Digital Governance in China
May 2019: Northwestern University, Comparative Politics Seminar
May 2019: Harvard Kennedy School, Applied History Network Meeting
April 2019: New York University, Quantitative China Studies Seminar
April 2019: Princeton University, Conference on State Capacity and Public Goods Provision
March 2019: University of Michigan, Lieberthal-Rogel Center for Chinese Studies
January 2019: Duke University,  Sustainability of Government Innovation: An International Conference


November 2018: Stanford University, Comparative Politics Seminar
November 2018: Stanford University, China Program
September 2018: Yale University, MacMillan Center
June 2018: Nanjing University, School of Government
June 2018: Peking University, School of Government
April 2018: University of Michigan, Political Economy Workshop
April 2018: New York University in Abu Dhabi, Legacies of Violence Workshop
March 2018: Princeton University, Comparative Politics Seminar
February 2018: Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Comparative Politics Seminar
February 2018: Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Sloan China Seminar


November 2017: Columbia University, Comparative Politics Seminar
October 2017: New York University, Comparative Politics Seminar
September 2017: Yale University, MacMillan Center
May 2017: National Taiwan University, Division of Social Sciences
May 2017: National Chengchi University, Graduate Institute of East Asia Studies
May 2017: Tsinghua University, Department of Sociology
May 2017: University of Pittsburgh, Conference on Political Memory
April 2017: University of Michigan, Lieberthal-Rogel Center for Chinese Studies


November 2016: University of California, Berkeley, School of Law
September 2016: Emory University, Conference on Law and Social Order: The Politics of Property
September 2016: Yale University, MacMillan Center
March 2016: New York University in Shanghai, Conference on Integrating Global China Studies with Computational Social Science Research
February 2016: Florida State University, Political Economy Workshop
January 2016: University of Chicago, Comparative Politics Seminar and East Asia Workshop


November 2015: Yale University, MacMillan Center
February 2015: University of California, San Diego, Conference on Quantitative Studies of the Chinese Elite
February 2015: Princeton University, The Contemporary China Colloquium


November 2014: West Point, Student Conference on United States Affairs
September 2014: University of Michigan, Conference on State Capacity
August 2014: University of California, San Diego, Conference on Chinese State Responses to Rising Social Conflicts
April 2014: Columbia University, Seminar on Law and Politics


May 2013: Cornell University, Conference on Studying China from the Outside In and Inside Out


November 2012: University of Pittsburgh, Conference on Chinese Local Governance
April 2012: Duke University, New Faces in China Studies


October 2011: University of Michigan, A CCS 50th Anniversary Conference: In Honor of Professor Kenneth Lieberthal