Work in Progress

"The Security Dilemma and Paths to Modern Development," with Mark Dincecco (University of Michigan). Book manuscript under contract at Cambridge University Press.

"The Sovereign's Dilemma: State Capacity and Ruler Survival in Imperial China." [PDF]

"The Reach of the State," with Charles Chang (Duke Kunshan University). [PDF]

"Elite Kinship Networks and State-Building Preferences in Imperial China." [PDF]

"Internal Conflict and State Development: Evidence from Imperial China," with Mark Dincecco (University of Michigan). [PDF]

"Social Cleavages and War Mobilization in Qing China," with Shom Mazumder (Harvard University). [PDF]

"Dethroning the Mao-Era Elite: Using Organizational Histories to Illuminate Cadre Management," with Hao Chen (Tsinghua University), Saul Wilson (Harvard University), Changxin Xu, and Cheng Cheng (New York University). [PDF]

"State Capacity," with Mark Dincecco (University of Michigan). Book chapter commissioned for Oxford Handbook of Historical Political Economy.