Alicanto Social Learning


Alicanto™ is a social learning platform developed by Yuri Quintana that supports online learning communities supported by multimedia content, courses and online groups. The system is in use on the OPENPediatrics ( website for global pediatrics and the MADCaP network ( cancer education and clinical collaborations. The system includes support for an online multimedia library that can accommodate video from multiple sources, images and animations, documents, interactive medical calculators, and can integrate with LTI-compliant online learning tools. The site also supports self-paced online courses incorporating materials from the site library and quizzes with multiple choice, true/false and other question types. The system also supports the creation of public and private groups, with document sharing, threaded discussion and video chat. Alicanto will support the vision of a learning system that connects online education, consultation and care coordination. Alicanto is named after the mythical Chilean bird that glows golden and helps miners out of mine shafts. Healthcare today is a maze of silos of data and systems. Alicanto aims to bring data and communications integration into a seemless exprerience.


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Previous Work:

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