Yuri Quintana, Ph.D. is Director of Global Health Informatics in the Division of Clinical Informatics, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, and Assistant Professor of Medicine at the Harvard Medical School. His research is focused on developing innovative technologies and systems that empower communities of healthcare professionals, patients and families to collaborate on a worldwide basis. He has developed several global online collaboration networks for health care delivery and innovative applications in mobile health.  Previously, Quintana was a principal investigator in the Canadian HealNet Research Network, focusing on consumer health informatics, and a faculty member at the University of Western Ontario. Quintana also served as director of the New Media Research Lab developing innovations in interactive media and online education. He has held high-tech positions at IBM Canada Limited and Watcom. He has been the chair of five international conferences on medical informatics. Quintana obtained his engineering degrees from the University of Waterloo in Electrical and Computer Engineering and Systems Design Engineering.   

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