Global Challenges in People-Centered E-Health


Yuri Quintana and Charles Safran. 8/2015. “Global Challenges in People-Centered E-Health.” In MEDINFO 2015 Congress - MEDINFO 2015 Congress, 216th ed., Stud Health Technol Inform: Pp. 977. ISO Press. Publisher's Version


People-centered health care seeks an active role for the patient while empowering all other members of the health care team. By promoting greater patient responsibility and optimal usage, patient-centered health care leads to improved health outcomes, quality of life and optimal value for health care investment. This paper reviews some definitions of people-centered health care and various e-health approaches around the world used to implement this vision. The barriers and enablers to implementation this type of approach are explored. This paper provides a proposed research agenda for future implementations of people-centered e-health.

PubMed PMID: 26262279

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