• My research is primarily on formal semantics and syntax-semantics interface, involving both theoretical and experimental inquiries. I also have broad interests in East Asian linguistics and philosophy of language. 
  • My dissertation, entitled "Interpreting questions with non-exhaustive answers," investigates the semantics of questions,  It begins by re-examining several fundamental issues, such as what a question denotes, how a question is composed, and what a wh-item denotes. It then tackles questions with complex structures, including mention-some questions, multi-wh questions, and questions with quantifiers. It also explores several popular issues, such as variations of exhaustivity, sensitivity to false answers, and quantificational variability effects. 
  • Other projects that I have worked on include the architecture of exhaustification, polarity item licensing, scalar implicatures, neg-raising, multi-functional particles in Mandarin (e.g., dou 都), and so on.