Honored to be part of Harvard's "Meet the Scholar" 2017 series. A fireside chat with Prof. Guhan Subramanian, the Joseph Flom Professor of Law & Business, entitled "Reaching for the Jovian heavens" 

Fireside chat at the Business school



Welcoming Prof. G.E. Norman, Director of the International Laboratory for Supercomputer Atomistic Modelling and Multi-scale Analysis and his coworkers from the Russian Academy of Science to our laboratory 

Genri Norman and Ilnur Saitov

Ike holding a DAC


Material Witness: Metallic hydrogen in the spotlight

Metallic hydrogen in the spotlight

"El hidrógeno metálico de Júpiter"

"The race to metallic hydrogen offers a window into gas giants"

Harvard's Gazette (editor's pick)

"Liquid Metallic Hydrogen produced in the lab at static Megabar pressures", featured on Royal Society of Chemistry's Chemistry worldMetallic Hydrogen