Mingjing Ma (Guest Student)

Mingjing Ma (postgraduate of Environmental Engineering at University of Chinese Academy of Sciences) has broadly interests in the area of mineral carbonation and carbon sink of alkaline industrial solid waste. Her current research focus on the interface of ecology, mineralogy and global climate change chemistry. She also studies carbon sink of global industrial solid waste. Her recent publication can be found in Chinese Journal of Ecology.

Her work has proven promising for clarifying some missing carbon sinks and playing an important role in explaining carbon cycle. Moreover, her study can not only make up for the shortcomings of existing carbon emission accounting methods in some industrial sectors, but also solve the overestimation of carbon emission accounting. The work also has provided scientific basis for international negotiations on climate change.

Mingjing Ma recently participates in the carbon absorption research of alkaline mineral materials produced by human activities, constructs the carbon sink accounting model, and establishes the carbon sink accounting database.

(Education: 1.B.Tech., 2012, Electrical Engineering and Automation, Shenyang Jianzhu University; 2.M.A./M.S., 2017, Environmental Engineering, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences; 3.Visiting academic., 2019, Tsinghua University)