I am a PhD candidate in Health Policy with a secondary degree in Computational Science and Engineering. I'm interested in algorithmic fairness applications in health care. My most recent research looks at fairness for health plan payments with a focus on identifying groups defined by multiple attributes that are undercompensated in different U.S. health insurance markets and the effect of health insurance tools like prescription drug formularies on prescription use. My published work has appeared in BiometricsAmerican Journal of Health Economics, and Health Affairs, among others. My doctoral work is supported by an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship.


Before coming to the program, I worked as a data analyst at Acumen, LLC. where, among a small team of analysts, I partnered with the Department of Justice on cases of Medicare fraud, waste, and abuse and helped develop fraud surveillance methods. I also worked as a data engineer on the research team at athenahealth, a health care IT software and services company.

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