I'm an assistant professor in the Department of Political Science, University of California, San Diego. I hold a PhD in political science from Harvard (2017) and a BA in ethics, politics & economics from Yale (2011). I was previously a Supernumerary Fellow in Politics at St John's College, Oxford. 

My research interests lie in the intersection of political theory, the philosophy of science and social science, and social epistemology. My book, Politics and Expertise: How to Use Science in a Democratic Society (Princeton University Press), examines the relationship between science and democracy, from the funding of scientific research to its use in decision making and its applications in new technologies. I am currently working on a range of projects on the role of expertise in politics, freedom of inquiry and its limits, the effects of artificial intelligence and automation on democracy, the ethical and policy implications of new technologies and the relationship between democracy and the press. I have articles published or forthcoming in British Journal of Political Science, Contemporary Political TheoryJournal of Applied PhilosophyCritical ReviewPerspectives on Politics, and European Journal of Political TheoryMy essay "Justifying Public Funding for Science" was awarded the British Academy's Brian Barry Prize for Excellence in Political Science.

I've recently written two essays on the COVID-19 pandemic. For an essay on the aptness of humility in dealing with the pandemic (in Boston Review) click here. For an essay on trust and expertise during the pandemic (in Chronicle Review) click here. To hear more about my research (in Turkish), click here for an interview with Uğur Aytaç from the University of Amsterdam. 

E-mail: zpamuk@ucsd.edu