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The impending effect of the US–China trade war on supply chain dynamics and investment patterns could help Bangladesh to emerge as a potential winner from the conflict. Despite the different nature of trade, the US and China both have been stable trading partners to Bangladesh for decades. While China is Bangladesh’s top import partner, the United States is the second-largest destination for Bangladesh’s exports. Bangladesh could gain benefit from both countries but in different ways. This chapter attempts to explore how Bangladesh can take advantage of the trade war. It further investigates the sectors that are well placed in Bangladesh’s economy to accrue the benefit.
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Nowhere is China’s Belt and Road Initiative pose more apparent security challenges than in South Asia. The importance of this geographic space is self-evident as China considers this subregion as BRI’s priority theater. South Asia is where the continental ‘belt’ meets the maritime ‘road’ and connects three continents – Europe, Africa, and Asia – via land and the Indian Ocean. Having a foothold in South Asia via connectivity, China could reduce its dependency on vulnerable Malacca Strait by constructing alternative overland routes to ensure its access to the Indian Ocean and secure energy supply. Nevertheless, it is also where BRI poses a whole gamut of serious security challenges, from traditional conflicts centered on territorial and border disputes, to potential naval competition with India, to nontraditional religious insurgencies, to environmental unsustainability and corruption. China’s growing influence in the Indian Ocean Region (IOR) challenging India dominating regional security architecture – where smaller countries tend to tilt towards China as it comes with easy-cash and lucrative investment potentials. In addition to the possibility of dual-use (civil-military) of China build ports from Pakistan to Myanmar, the potential for the U.S. and India of losing their strategic edge in the IOR to an expanded Chinese naval presence looms large. Viewing BRI as an essential element of China’s grand strategy that can reshape this sub-regional security architecture in China’s favor, U.S. should boost its partnership with regional states, with India at the core and a comprehensive U.S. strategy blurs the traditional economic and security faults, not unlike BRI itself.
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