Brian FitzGerald is Lecturer in the Program on History and Literature.  A scholar of medieval history, his research focuses on the intellectual and religious culture of Europe from the twelfth to the fo­urteenth century.  After receiving his DPhil in History from Oxford University in 2013, he taught in the Great Books curriculum at Northeast Catholic College.  He joined History and Literature in 2016.  He is also a member of the Committee on Medieval Studies.

His first book, Inspiration and Authority in the Middle Ages: Prophets and their Critics from Scholasticism to Humanism, examines how medieval intellectuals in France, England, and Italy sought to understand and resolve competing claims of divine inspiration or prophecy.  The book argues that theological reaction against perceived mystical excesses helped transform the notion of inspiration into something which Renaissance poets could assert as the basis of their secular writings.  His other research interests include medieval historical consciousness, medieval literary theory, interactions between eastern and western Christianity, and Renaissance humanism.