Bob joined Research Computing Services in March 2016 and brings with him a strong, in­-depth background of scientific research, software development/systems integration, and technology consulting. Prior to RCS, he worked was Harvard University’s FASRC's facilitator for the NSF funded Advanced CyberInfrastructure Research and Education Facilitator grant, and was also the main campus' XSEDE Campus Champion. Bob recently worked as Staff Scientist under Marc Kirschner, Ph.D. in the Department of Systems Biology at Harvard Medical School (HMS), with responsibilities as both a scientist and informaticist.

One focus of his work included developing technology solutions to facilitate –omics data management, analysis, and knowledge discovery. A second was to examine in two deuterostomes the genomics and early signaling events that establish a developing embryo’s body plan. Another focus was to compare the early developmental program (gene and protein expression) of several vertebrates using RNA­Seq and mass spec as a means to understand evolution’s blueprint for a developing embryo. Check out his publications at Google Scholar.

Bob graduated cum laude from Princeton University with a B.A. in Molecular Biology, and continued his studies at Harvard University’s Division of Medical Sciences. Under Benjamin Neel, M.D., Ph.D., he received his Ph.D. in Virology, discovering and characterizing one member of a class of genes that may be involved in suppressing tumors.

After his graduate work, Bob was appointed BioInformation Systems Manager and Instructor in Cell Biology at HMS, where he worked closely with life science researchers to promote effective technology use and analytical methods in their work. He continued this line of work for HMS as the Director of the Research Computing Center, a school­-wide resource for research informatics, in­-house scientific application consulting, and training. During this time, he also started BioInfoworks, Inc., a company focused on optimizing data­-centered business processes.

When not doing tech support for his friends, Bob enjoys having a fine glass of wine while cooking, and working with his local neighborhood association and elected officials to make Dorchester an even better place to live.

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