Academic record

- September 1996 – October 1999: PhD thesis in Astrophysics at L'Institut de Recherche en Astrophysique et Planétologie (IRAP), l'Université Paul Sabatier, Toulouse, France Thesis: Etude des Anomalies Chimiques et de la Rotation des Etoiles Evoluées. Advisors: Corinne Charbonnel and Sylvie Vauclair.

- March 1995 – September 1996: Master in Astrophysics at University Federal of Rio Grande do Norte, UFRN, Brazil. Title: Studying the link between rotation and lithium depletion in sub-giant stars. 

Appointments – Astronomy Research 

- October 2013 until October 2014, Invited Scientist at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics (CfA, Cambridge, MA, US)

- Summer 2013: One month as invited Professor at the Université Paris Sud, Orsay, France. (Collaborator: Dr. F. Baudin)

- 2007 – present: Member of the science team for ESA’s CoRoT space mission,

- 2005 to present: Professor of Astrophysics, Department of Theoretical and Experimental

Physics, University Federal of Rio Grande do Norte, Natal, Brazil

- 1996-1999 International Ph.D. fellow from the Brazilian Research Agency (CNPq). Thesis in Astrophysics at Toulouse III-Paul Sabatier University, Toulouse, France 

Ongoing PI Projects

  •  Title: Detailed chemical composition, rotational period and magnetic field of solar analogs and twins revealed by CoRoT mission”. Project S12B-146S, 4 hours from HDS@Subaru (8m telescope at Hawaii) (first results: do Nascimento et al. (2013, ApJL 771, 31)

  •  Title: The Magnetic Sun in time: Investigating the sun's magnetic history through spectropolarimetry” Project 11AB05, 36 hour with ESPaDOnS@CFHT (3.6m telescope at Hawaii). International Bcool cooperation 
  • Title: Rotation periods, activity and lithium abundance for single sub-giant stars observed by CoRoT. Evolutionary models computed with the Toulouse-Geneva evolutionary code and Rotatio periods from determined from CoRoT light Curves. First results: do Nascimento et al. (2012, A&A Letter, 548, L1). 


  • Advisor, UFRN graduate PhD student. Thesis defended. 2009 - 2013, CNPq scholarship. Jefferson Soares da Costa. Title: A study of the lithium abundance, rotation, chromospheric activity and magnetism of solar analogs and solar twins.

  • Advisor, UFRN graduate PhD student, 2012 – until 2016, CNPq scholarship. Tharcísyo Sá e Sousa. Title: A theoretical and observational study of dynamo action in solar-type stars.

  • -  Co-Advisor, University of Birmingham graduate PhD student, 2013 – 2017, Hugo Rodrigues Coelho. Title: Detailed spectroscopic and asteroseismic analysis of KEPLER exoplanetary host stars.

  • Advising 4 graduate MsC student thesis at UFRN.

  • Advised (concluded) 6 graduate MsC student thesis, 2008 – 2013, at UFRN 

Press releases

  1. eso1337 — Science Release, Subaru Press Release, Los Angeles Times, Astronomy Magazine, Le Parisien, 20 minute (Paris), Brazilian radio and TV

    Fellowships and awards

    - Brazilian CNPq research fellowship for studies abroad (PhD thesis), 1996-1999 - Brazilian award fellowship for research (CNPq PQ fellowship) 2008-present

    Two selected Papers:

    - High Precision Abundances of the Old Solar Twin HIP 102152: Insights on Li Depletion from the Oldest Sun (Melendez et al., 2013 ApJ Letters, 774, 32)

    - The Future of the Sun: An Evolved Solar Twin Revealed by CoRoT (do Nascimento et al., 2013 ApJ, 771, 31)