• Cutler_econ
    Cutler_econ I'm looking to hire full time research assistants for work on important health care issues. Ideal for people wanting some research experience. Please pass along and encourage all to apply! t.co/Mwqx8V2nCu
  • AmySchwartzNY
    AmySchwartzNY It looks like I'll be hiring a (pre doc) RA for this fall. If you are interested in working with great people in great place (low COVID!) on econ/ed/urban research that makes a difference: email me at Syracuse university ! #EconTwitter #edpolicy @aefpweb
  • douglasharris99
    douglasharris99 Also, we need universal high-speed internet. What are we waiting for? It was a good idea before the crisis. Now it’s a great idea. There are some good online tools out there to *complement* in-person & we’ll want broad access even after crisis subsides.
  • douglasharris99
    douglasharris99 What does it mean? Reinforces concern abt achievement/opportunity gaps. Schl buildings are equalizing environs—same teacher, same room, same books. Homes are less equal as learning environs. Schls respond accordingly--they can’t ignore home conditions.
  • douglasharris99
    douglasharris99 Just released: How America’s Schools Responded to the COVID Crisis, from @REACHCenterEd. In addition to new data from 3,511 schl websites, we summarize parent & educator surveys to date. t.co/IdgvRA7WYz. Here’s a thread on the highlights…
  • MatthewAKraft
    MatthewAKraft Amber Northern gives a great overview of our new paper, "The Big Problem with Little Interruptions to Classroom Learning" in her famous Research Minute on the Gadfly podcast. Starts around minute 17. Very Cool! @MichaelPetrilli t.co/tmFdyLZvOz
  • MatthewAKraft
    MatthewAKraft By @AcmAtteberry also!! Great work and very relevant for informing how we think about schooling this fall and the widening achievement gaps schools will likely face. Check out this nice thread summarizing the paper. t.co/jXXPFumMWX

Matthew Kraft is an Associate Professor of Education and Economics at Brown University.  His research and teaching interests include the economics of education, education policy analysis, and applied quantitative methods for causal inference.  His primary work focuses on efforts to improve educator and organizational effectiveness in K–12 urban public schools.  He has published on topics including teacher coaching, teacher professional growth, teacher evaluation, teacher-parent communication, teacher layoffs, social and emotional skills, school working conditions, and extended learning time.  Previously, he taught 8th grade English in Oakland USD and 9th grade humanities at Berkeley High School in California.  He holds a doctorate in Quantitative Policy Analysis in Education from the Harvard Graduate School of Education as well as a master's in International Comparative Education and a B.A. in International Relations from Stanford University.


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