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Short Bio

Matthew Kraft is an Assistant Professor of Education and Economics at Brown University.  His research and teaching interests include the economics of education, education policy analysis, and applied quantitative methods for causal inference.  His primary work focuses on efforts to improve educator and organizational effectiveness in K–12 urban public schools.  He has published on topics including teacher coaching, teacher professional growth, teacher evaluation, teacher-parent communication, teacher layoffs, social and emotional skills, school working conditions, and extended learning time.  Previously, he taught 8th grade English in Oakland USD and 9th grade humanities at Berkeley High School in California.  He holds a doctorate in Quantitative Policy Analysis in Education from the Harvard Graduate School of Education as well as a master's in International Comparative Education and a B.A. in International Relations from Stanford University.


Research Areas

Education Policy Analysis | School Contexts | School Organizational Capacity | Causal Inference | Economics of Education | Non-Cognitive Competencies | Teacher Coaching | Teacher Effectiveness | Teacher Evaluation | Teacher Turnover | Teacher-Parent Communication