I teach smart people about neat stuff.

  Minerva courses I've designed and taught:

Strategic Brand Leadership

In this course, we build on your knowledge of market research, consumer psychology, and creative problem-solving to explore empirical approaches to growth. Throughout the course, we will delve into new metrics for measuring marketing’s worth, leverage psychological principles for brand building, and analyze the power of partnerships for growth. You will propose, execute, and evaluate experiments to get first-hand experience in growing a brand. We will place these activities into the larger context of the firm and will explore the strategic role that they play in business development.

  Market Dynamics and Product Analytics

Learn advanced analytical tools used for the intensive study of markets; study product analytics such as business-oriented conjoint and factor analysis, market efficiencies and failures analysis, product development principles, and market gap analysis.

  Doing Business

Analyze the political, regulatory, and societal contexts in which business gets done from a global perspective. Examine how different societies have constructed legislative and societal norm-based solutions to problems originating from real or perceived market failures. Cultural biases, labor market conditions, financial regulations, legislative systems, and international frameworks all will be addressed.



  Harvard College Courses I've designed and taught:
Mind Reading (2015, 2019, 2020)

Mind reading is not the stuff of science fiction, it is a complex set of mental processes honed throughout our evolutionary history that allow us to survive and thrive in a social world. But what is a mind? Who has one? Can we ever know what is in the minds of others? In this course we will attempt to answer these questions by exploring how the human mind uses perceptual information to infer other peoples’ thoughts, beliefs, and desires. Our goal is to critically examine why people succeed and fail at reading others’ minds. Evals available here.


Predicting the Future (2016)

Our brains are virtuoso predictors at the millisecond time-scale, but people have a great deal of trouble simulating their future states. Why is it that we are so good at short-term predictions but fail to know how long it will take us to complete assignments, how embarrassing we’ll find our high school yearbook quotes, or how happy our choices will make us? This course is an in-depth look at prospection, our ability to simulate the future. Particular attention will be paid to systematic ways in which our predictions about the future go awry. Evals available here.


Decision Making & Negotiations (2016)
People make decisions and negotiate with others from a young age; however, most know little about the psychology that lies beneath these sophisticated behaviors. This class is designed to look ‘under the hood’ at the cognitive processes in play when we make decisions and negotiate with others. We will discuss original research articles and use simulated class exercises to gain a better understanding of how the human mind makes choices and persuades others. Evals available here.
  I also love mentoring student research and have TA'd graduate level statistics as well as several terms of undergraduate research methods.