Classical to the Core: Latin as the Lynchpin to the Goals of the Standards

Presentation Date: 

Sunday, November 24, 2013


ACTFL 2013 (Orlando, FL)
Abstract: The teaching of the Classical languages has been moving into radically new spaces since the turn of the millennium. This session will venture even further by illustrating project-based activities that complement the study of language and literature. Students will become the "makers" of objects and texts that are shared not only amongst each other, but with their schools and communities. These activities will connect with many of the areas covered by the Common Core Standards. The Romans were not only both consummate engineers and orators, but also masters of constructing their own public image. The Latin language will be used as a springboard for the examination of "big" issues of identity/ethnicity, the environment, civic memory, national image, self-represention, and the tension between public and private, as exemplified by the material evidence of tombs, monuments, and coins.