Ethics in Government: The Moral Challenge of Public Leadership

Ethics in GovernmentMark H. Moore & Malcolm K. Sparrow
Prentice Hall, Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey, USA, 1990

Publisher's Description

A set of cases and commentaries, prepared as a part of the Kennedy School of Government Case Studies series. This case book is designed to provide students with a general overview of fundamental moral theories and principles as a basis for ethical decision making, to introduce students to a profound understanding of moral leadership and its significance for modern society, and to introduce students to the principles and practice of ethical decision making within the context of the case-studies approach.

Subject Description

One major goal of ethics education is to sensitize people to ethical problems in the specific contexts of their daily lives and to empower them to ethical decision making. University students in particular are likely to take up leadership positions in business, civil administration, government and the professions. The power that comes with such positions requires not just professional leadership qualities but also moral competence and integrity. These materials will provide students with an ethical framework which facilitates moral sensibility and moral reasoning and thus offers an avenue for the acquisition of moral leadership.