HarvardX/EdX American Government course: My online HarvardX/EdX introduction to American Government course is free of charge, and the sessions can be taken in any order. The course is intended to supplement your for-credit introductory American government course, in the classroom or online. It has 24 sessions, each 20-30 minutes in length. The 24 sessions are divided into four groups of six lectures each: Constitutional Foundations (e.g. Federalism), Institutions (e.g., Presidency), Mass Politics (e.g., Public Opinion), and Public Policy (e.g., Foreign Policy).

The url list below is for desktop use. To show a session, download and then open. If using Zoom, WebEx, or other online teaching platform, you can play it during a class session. If you want students to view a session before class, you can share the links with them by email or through Blackboard, Canvas, etc. for them to download and play. (Do not paste url into search. Simply click on url to download the video and then open. Once its playng, you can pause it, etc. just as with any video file.)

If assigning a session to students before the class, they will need a different url if some of them are using a mobile device. The file below marked “Sessions and URLs” has the url list for both desktop and mobile viewing for each session. If you download the file, you will have the full information needed for both you and your students to access the desktop and mobile versions.

SYLLABUS: If you are creating your course syllabus, here is a model syllabus that combines text readings with the videos. The videos can be assigned for viewing before the class session or you can show them to your class at the beginning of each session as a starting point for offering your own thoughts about the topic and prompting student discussion. 

Link to Syllabus


CLOSED CAPTIONING: If you need to have closed captioning for your students, here are the links to access the CC versions of the lectures: [CLOSED CAPTION].

COURSE TRANSCRIPTS: Access to the Course video transcripts are available here.[COURSE TRANSCRIPTS]









Course Syllabus

View the 2-minute trailer for the course here


Sessions and URL's


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