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Some of the columns are carried by The Guardian, UK. ****
**** For each Project Syndicate column, a corresponding, slightly more detailed, elaboration is posted with a lag of about 3 days, at Jeffrey Frankel's blog. ****

Predictions that global economy is heading for a recession are premature,”  The Guardian, Dec. 29, 2022.

"Let the WTO referee Carbon Border Taxes," Project Syndicate. Nov. 28, 2022.

"Why Do Americans Vote for Extremists?" Project Syndicate, October 27, 2022.

"In the Dollar We Trust," Project Syndicate, September 22, 2022.

"Why Commodity Prices are Likely to Fall," Project Syndicate, August 23, 2022.

"Is the US in Recession?" Project Syndicate, July 18, 2022.

Does International Trade Weaken or Strengthen Countries’ Resilience?” Project Syndicate, June. 

"Get Ready for Reverse Currency Wars," Project Syndicate, May 25. The Globe and Mail or Korea Herald, May 30.

"The West's Energy Policies can be Geopolitical and Green," Project SyndicateApril 26. "The west can cut its energy dependency on Russia and be greener,"  The Guardian, May .

"These Russia Sanctions Are Different," Korea Herald, March 22, Project Syndicate, March 18, 2022.

"Fighting the Last Inflation War," Project Syndicate, Feb. 24, 2022.

"Are Vaccine Mandates Government Overreach?Project Syndicate, Jan.25, 2022.

"The US Must Not Make Empty Threats,"  Project Syndicate, Dec. 22, 2021.

"Not That Seventies Inflation," Project Syndicate, Nov. 26, 2021.

"High Oil Prices Can Help the Environment," Project Syndicate, Oct. 25,.   “Biden’s conundrum: High oil prices are unpopular, but could aid climate agenda,” Houston Chronicle, Nov. 19, 2021. 

"El Salvador's Bitcoin Folly," Project Syndicate, September 23.  El Salvador’s adoption of bitcoin as legal tender is pure folly,” The Guardian,  Sept. 24, 2021.

The G20’s COVID Agenda,”  Project Syndicate, August 23.  “G20 must prioritise global Covid action at October meeting,” The Guardian, Aug. 23, 2021.

America’s Republicans are Killing Their Voters,” Project Syndicate, July 22, 2021.

America’s False Imbalance Syndrome,” Project Syndicate, June 28. The Korea Herald, July 1, 2021.

"Statistics and the Pandemic,"  Project Syndicate, May 26, 2021.

"What Three Economists Taught Us About Currency Regimes," Project Syndicate, April 21.   Business Times, April 23, 2021.

"Biden's Sensible Stimulus," Project Syndicate, March 24.  Korea Herald, March 29, 2021.

"What's Different about the GameStop Bubble?Project Syndicate, February 3, 2021.

"The GOP's Fake Budget Hawks,"  Project Syndicate, January 25, 2021.

"Three Terms that Mis-defined 2020," Project Syndicate;  "The 3 most mis-used phrases in US politics in 2020," The Guardian, Dec.29, 2020.

"Biden's Modest Multilateralism," Project Syndicate,  Nov. 27.

"Biden's Economic Edge,Project Syndicate, Oct. 26, 2020.

The Covid-Climate Nexus,” Project Syndicate, Sept.30, 2020.  “Covid-19 and the Climate Crisis are Part of the Same Battle,” The Guardian, Oct.2, 2020.

"The Dark Heart of Gold," Project SyndicateAugust 21, 2020.

The Pandemic Pain of Emerging Markets,” Project Syndicate, July 31, 2020.

"What's in a Recession?Project Syndicate, June 15.  "The US is Officially in Recession, Thanks to the Coronavirus Crisis," The Guardian, June 16, 2020.

"Who has the World's Largest Economy?Project Syndicate, May 28.  “Is China overtaking the US as a financial and economic power?” The Guardian, May 29. 2020.

"How to Avoid a W-Shaped Recession,"  Project Syndicate, May 1.  "How to Avoid a Global Coronavirus Recession," The Guardian, May 4, 2020.

"Foreseeable Unforeseeables," Project Syndicate, March 27.  Also in The Korea Herald, March 29.  “Coronavirus should not have caught leaders and markets off-guard,” The Guardian, March 31, 2020.

"Will the Coronavirus Trigger a Global Recession?" Project SyndicateFeb. 24, 2020.  "Will coronavirus trigger a global recession?" The Guardian, Feb.26.

"The Best Tool to Fight Climate Change,"  Project Syndicate. Jan. 20, 2020.  The best way to help the climate is to increase the price of CO2 emissions,”  The Guardian, Jan. 20, 2020

"Six Tax-Based Ways to Tackle US Inequality," Project Syndicate, Dec. 17, 2019.

"The Case for Old-Fashioned Tariff Cuts," Project Syndicate, Nov. 27, 2019.  

"How a Weaponized Dollar Could Backfire," Project Syndicate,Oct. 23, 2019. 

"It's Finally Time for German Fiscal Expansion," Project Syndicate Sept.30, 2019.  Also at The Guardian, Oct.1, or Belfer site.   "It's Finally Time for German Fiscal Stimulus," Seeking Alpha, Oct.1.

"The Currency Manipulation Game," Project SyndicateAugust 9.  The currency manipulation game is afoot – but that’s better than a trade war,” The Globe & Mail, Canada, August 13, 2019.

"Central Banks Should Forget About Achieving 2% Inflation," Project Syndicate; July 25, & The Globe & Mail, July 28, 2019.

The US Recovery Turns Ten,” Project Syndicate; June 14, 2019.  “The US economic recovery is far from being a world record,” The Guardian, June 14. "La reprise américaine fête son dixième anniversaire," Annotations,17 Juin, 2019.

The Real Cost of Trump’s Tariffs,Project Syndicate,. May 23, 2019.  

"Moore Problems for the Fed," Project Syndicate, April 27, 2019.

"Xi and Trump Miss Their Chance,"  Project Syndicate, March 21, 2019. 

"Should Bold Ideas Drown Out Old Ideas?Project SyndicateFeb. 25, 2019.

"The Euro's first 20 years," Project Syndicate, Jan.25, 2019; Korea Herald, Jan. 28, 2019.

"Re-reading George H.W. Bush's Lips," Project SyndicateDec. 10, 2018.   "George HW Bush was fiscally responsible – unlike Donald Trump," The Guardian, Dec. 11, 2018. 

"A Trade War is No Reason to Ease Monetary Policy," Project SyndicateNov. 26.  The Guardian, Nov 27, 2018.

"The New and Not Improved NAFTA, Project Syndicate, October 9, 2018.

"Trump's Currency Confusion Continues," Project Syndicate,September 20, 2018. The Guardian, Sept. 21.

"The Depth of the Next Recession," Project Syndicate, Aug. 27, 2018.  E,g,, “US will lack fiscal space to respond when next recession comes,The Guardian, Aug. 28.

"My Apology Tour," Project Syndicate, July 23, 2018. 

"The Republicans' Protectionist Pedigree," Project Syndicate, June 13, 2018.

An Economic Platform for US Democrats,” Project Syndicate, May 24, 2018.  E.g., Korea Herald, May 28.

"Why China Won't Yield to Trump," Project Syndicate, April 17.  E.g., Nikkei Asian Review, April 18, 2018.

"Is Technology Hurting Productivity?Project Syndicate,. E.g., Korea Herald, March 20, 2018.

"VIX Surge is a Wake-up Call for Investors," Barron's, Feb. 24, 2018.

"Making America's Trade Deficits Great Again,"  Project SyndicateJan. 15, 2018.  In The Guardian.  PS video: 4 reasons deficit will widen.

"Does Trade Fuel Inequality?Project Syndicate, Jan. 2, 2018.  In The Guardian.

"Reagan's Tax Reforms Revisited," Nov. 24, 2017. (In Chinese, HK Economic Times Dec.4, 2017.)

"The Next Fed Chair," Project Syndicate, Oct. 25, 2017. E.g., “The Fed shortlist: who will hold the second most important job in the US?” The Guardian, Oct. 27, 2017. 

"Why Financial Markets Underestimate Risk,"  Project Syndicate, Sept. 25, 2017.

"Can Trump Deal with North Korea and China?" Project Syndicate, Aug. 24.  E.g., The Guardian, Aug.25, 2017. (In Chinese, HKET, Aug.30, 2017.)

"Why Obamacare Survived," Project Syndicate, July 24, 2017.

"Trump's Sugar Swamp," Project Syndicate, June 22, 2017.

"The Case Against Subsidizing Housing Debt," Project Syndicate, May 29. E.g., The Guardian, May 30, 2017. Extended version at Econbrowser or Seeking Alpha.

"How to Renegotiate NAFTA," . E.g., "Can Donald Trump Better Renegotiate NAFTA? Yes, By Bringing Back TPP,” The Guardian, April 25, 2017.

"Mnuchin's Mission," Project Syndicate, March 22, 2017.  E.g.,in Nikkei Asian Review, March 23, 2017.

"Making Crises Great Again,"  Project Syndicate,  Feb. 21, 2017.  E.g., "Rescinding Dodd-Frank Rule," Korea Herald, Feb. 23, 2017.

"Obama leaves with higher rating than predecessors," Bangkok Post, Jan.16.  "Looking back on Barack," Korea Herald, Jan.16, 2017.

"Demonetization on Five Continents," Project Syndicate, Dec.22. E.g., Korea Herald. Dec.26, 2016.

"Who is President Trump?", Project Syndicate, Nov. 10.  E.g., "What Will Happen When President Trump Takes Office?The Guardian, November 11, 2016.  

"The Blind Alley of Monetary Populism," Project Syndicate.  E.g.,  “Lower Interest Rates are Not the Demon of Populist Claims,” The Guardian, Oct. 25, 2016. 

Voting for a Better US Political System,” Project Syndicate September 23, 2016. E.g., Korea Herald, September 26, 2016.

"Trump's Fiscal Follies," Project Syndicate, Aug. 19, 2016.

"Brexit, Trump and Globalization's Have-nots,"   Project Syndicate, July 14, 2016.  E.g., La Nacion, 7/15, Chosun Ilbo (in Korean) 7/24.

"Are Democrats Really Better for the Economy? Project SyndicateJune 22, 2016.  E.g., in Financial Advisor, June 2016.  Extended versionEconbrowser.

"Rediscovering Fiscal Policy at the G-7," Project Syndicate, May 24, 2016.  E.g., "Nikkei Asia Review," May 25.   "Fiscal Education at the G-7," Econbrowser.

"The Threat to US Leadership,"  Project Syndicate, April 13, 2016.  E.g., in Korea Herald4/14/16.  Extended versionEconbrowser.

"Reckoning with Inequality in the US,"  Project Syndicate, March 2016; e.g. in Korea Herald3/27.  Extended versionEconbrowser.

"Who is right on US financial reform?"  Project Syndicate, Feb.24, 2016; e.g., in Straits Times.  Extended version,Econbrowser.  1-slide chart of reforms and who has supported them.

"China's  Stock-Market Red Herring,"  Project Syndicate January 19, 2016.    "China's Slowdown,"  VoxEU , Jan. 27, 2016.  

"A Fair, Efficient and Feasible Climate Agreement,"  Project Syndicate, Dec. 17, 2015. 

"The Trouble with International Policy Coordination," Project Syndicate, November 24, 2015 and  "International Macroeconomic Policy Coordination," VoxEUDec. 9, 2015.

"Why Support the TPP?" Project Syndicate, Oct.8, 2015.  "Critics Should Keep an Open Mind,” The Guardian, Oct. 11.  "Be Open-Minded About TPPKorea Herald, Oct. 12, 2015.
"China Confronts the Market," Project Syndicate, September 4, 2015.  "Misinterpreting Chinese Intervention in Financial Markets," China-US Focus, September 10, 2015.  Exhibits, Sept. 21, 2015

"The Right Time to Reform Fuel Pricing,Project Syndicate, August 7, 2015.  "Now is the Right Time to Reform Oil Pricing," The Guardian, August 10, 2015.

"Is Tsipras the New Kim Dae-Jung?," Korea Herald, July 20, 2015.   July 17, 2015 in Project Syndicate.   Extended version: "Only Tsipras Can "'Go to China'"  blog, July 20. 

The Chimera of Currency Manipulation,” Korea Herald, June 14, 2015.  June 10, in Project Syndicate.

"New and Improved Trade Agreements," Project Syndicate, May 7, 2015.

"Asia Games are Not Zero Sum," Project Syndicate, April 23, 2015.

 "Will Fed Tightening Choke Emerging Markets?Project Syndicate,  March 23, 2015.

The Non-Problem of Chinese Currency Manipulation,” Project Syndicate, Feb.20, 2015.  "Chinese currency manipulation not a problem,"  East Asia Forum, March 9. Condensed from "If China stops manipulating, its currency will depreciate," Feb. 23, 2015.

"The End of Republican Obstruction," Project Syndicate, Jan. 19.   Full: "Why Has the US Economy Picked Up?" Jan. 22, 2015.

"Why Are Commodity Prices Falling?Project Syndicate, December 15.  "Commodity Prices: Down in Dollars, Up in Euros,"  VoxEU, Dec.24, 2014.

"A Pre-Lima Scorecard for Evaluating Which Countries Are Doing their Fair Share in Pledged Carbon Cuts," with Valentina Bosetti, Nov.2014. Viewpoints summary of full text of Policy Brief, Harvard Project on Climate Agreements.  Medium-length version,"Fair Shares in Pledged Carbon Cuts" for VoxEU, Nov.24.  Op-ed version in Project SyndicateNov.14, 2014.

"America the  Balanced,"  Project SyndicateOct. 20, 2014.   

Piketty’s Missing Rentiers,” Project Syndicate, Sept.19.   "Piketty's Fence," Sept. 22, 2014.

"The Subsidy Trap," Project SyndicateAug. 14, 2014.  "Modi, Sisi & Jokowi: Three New Leaders Face the Challenge of Food & Fuel Subsidies," Aug. 23.  "Tackling Food & Fuel Subsidies," VoxEU, Sept. 9, 2014.

Sovereign Debt at Square One,” Project Syndicate. July 2014.  E.g., "U.S. Court Rulings to Undermine Debt Restructuring," Korea Herald;  The Guardian, July 17.    Full: "It Takes More than Two to Tango," VoxEU, July 22.  Letter from 100 Economists, Aug..

"Emerging Market Target Practice," Project SyndicateJune 2014. E.g., "Developing Countries Should Target Nominal GDP," The Guardian, June 24.  Extended version: "Nominal GDP Targeting for Developing Countries," VoxEU, Aug.21. 

"China is Still #2,"Project SyndicateMay 5, 2014.   Expanded as "China is Not Yet #1," VoxEUMay 19, 2014.   “China is Not Yet Number One,” in Frontiers of Economics in China, 2015, 10, no.1, 1–6.  Reprinted ESAGEV (in Turkish).

"The Oligarchy Fallacy," Project SyndicateApril.  E.g., "Rising Inequality," The Guardian, Apr. 22.  Full version, with references: "How to Address Inequality," VoxEU, Apr.29, 2014.

"Why the ECB Should Buy American," Project SyndicateMar.13. 2014.

"Market Failure and Political Failure,"  Project Syndicate, Feb.11, 2014.  Full version, "The Rise and Fall of Cap-and-Trade," Feb.18.

"Absent America," Project Syndicate, Jan.24.  US Picks a Bad Time to Miss World Affairs,” Bangkok Post, Jan.27.  Full version, “IMF Reform & Isolationism in the US Congress,” East Asia Forum, Jan.29, 2014.

"The Dollar and Its Rivals," Project SyndicateNov.21, 2013.  "The US Dollar's Status has Fallen, But Not Uniformly," The Guardian.  Extended, with graphs, as"The Latest on the Dollar's International Currency Status," Vox, Dec.6; and  blogpost, Nov.26.

"Betting on the Tortoise in Japan,"  Project SyndicateSept.12.  Extended version,"Japan's consumption tax: Take it slow & steady," Sept. 16, 2013.

"Protectionist Shadows Over Solar Power," Project Syndicate, August 1, 2013.

"How Many European Recessions? " Project SyndicateJuly 17.  E.g., UK Double-Dip Recession Revised Away, The Guardian, UK, 7/19. Or The Korea Herald 7/21. Extended version: "One Recession or Many? Double-Dip Downturns in Europe," July 22.

"All Quiet on the Currency Front,"  Project Syndicate, June 2013; e.g., Korea HeraldJune 17, 2013. 

"The Flawed Origins of Expansionary Austerity," Project Syndicate, May 2013. E.g., Korea Herald, May 21.  Full: "On Whose Research is the Case for Austerity Mistakenly Based?" May 20, 2013.

"Fear of Fracking," Project Syndicate, April 2013.  (In Chinese, HKET, May 2013.)

"The Economists' Stone," Project Syndicate March 13, 2013.  Full version "Monetary Alchemy, Fiscal Science," Jan.26, 2013.

"The Battle of the Bond Benchmarks," Project SyndicateFeb.11.   Extended version: "Should Bond Benchmarks Shift from Traditional to GDP Weights?" Feb.15, 2013.

 "Will Europe's Fiscal Compact Work?Project Syndicate, Jan.18, 2013.  

"Four Magic Tricks for Fiscal  Conservatives," Project Syndicate, Oct. 22, 2012.

"Flock of  Black Swans," Project Syndicate. Aug.20, 2012.  Part I: Black Swans of August. Part II: More Black Swans, Aug. 23.

"The First World's Fiscal Follies," Project Syndicate, July 19, 2012.   Or "How the First World got its Keynesian Policies All Wrong," Korea Herald

"Could Eurobonds Help Solve the Euro Crisis?" Vox, June 2012.   Which Eurobonds?" Project Syndicate, June 14, 2012; incl. Les Echos, Paris, 6/14/12.  

"The Death of Inflation Targeting," Project Syndicate, May 16, 2012; incl. Korea Herald  5/27/12.   “Inflation Targeting is Dead. Long Live Nominal GDP Targeting,” Vox, June 19, 2012.       

Budgetary Wishful Thinking,” Project Syndicate, April 12, 2012; including Korea Herald 4/16/12.

"China Adjusts," Project Syndicate, March 23, 2012.   E.g., Brisbane TimesSydney Morning Herald.

"Did Obama Turn Around the Economy?Project Syndicate, Feb.20, 2012;  incl. Korea Herald 2/23/12.

"Will Emerging Markets Fall in 2012?Project Syndicate Jan.20, 2012; including “Cycle of crisis looms over emerging markets,” Bangkok Post, 1/26/12.  ReprintedBusiness & Management Journal 2, no.2, Jan.2012, pp.119.

Escaping the Oil Curse,” Project Syndicate,  Dec. 9, 2011.  

"The Hour of the Technocrats" or "The Technocrats' Time,"  Project Syndicate, Nov. 25, 2011.  

"Barrels, Bushels and BondsHow Commodity Exporters Can Hedge Volatility,"  Project Syndicate, October 17, 2011.

Can Food Prices Be Stabilized?” Project Syndicate, June 27, 2011.  E.g., Al Wadi, Kuwait.

Who Should Lead the IMF?” Project Syndicate, May 27, 2011, incl. FT DeutschlandIl Sole 24 Ore, China Daily.

"South Korea in the G20 Spotlight," Project Syndicate, Nov. 2, 2010.